Real Bremish lunch -authentic, delicious food directly in Bremen. Unforgettable & sociable.

Bremish lunch - one of the most delicious restaurant lunch deals in Bremen

For these reasons, Achim’s Beck’shaus is the best restaurant for your lunch if you want to enjoy real Bremen food in a quiet old town location.

Why exactly the Beck’shaus is the best place for lunch?

Here, real Bremen is served and lived. A lunch table that invites you to linger and joy in Bremen’s historical parts. Culinary craftsmanship, tradition and conviviality meet here. Whether you are a hungry a tourist or a local, Beck’shaus is a real insider’s tip for enjoying delicious lunch specials or for enjoying a cool and freshly tapped Beck's in convivial company. Achims Beck’shaus - enjoy and relax. Genuinely Bremen, cordial, tasty & open.
With its location in the middle of the old town, Beck’shaus offers an ideal culinary starting point for a walk along the Weser, a visit to the Bremen Town Hall, strolling on the market square or a spontaneous visit to the Bremen Town Musicians sight. After a delicious refreshment in Achim’s Beckshaus, the city invites you to stroll, dream and make new friends.

What to order at Beck’shaus?

At Beck’shaus you can eat most dishes on the spot or order them to go. Only genuine Bremen home cooking is served here, freshly prepared and deliciously fried. From a crispy schnitzel to hearty grills, crisp salads or creative vegetarian dishes. With our lunch table you can also experience Bremen from its culinary delicious side.

What are the best deals at Beck’shaus?

Beck’shaus is considered one of the best restaurants in Bremen for lunch. Every day, Beck’shaus offers its best deals at lunchtime. From a juicy fried schnitzel to a freshly prepared grill plate or delicious vegetarian dishes. Here, everyone becomes a Bremen fan. So, if you want to try the best offers, just drop by and enjoy genuine Bremen culinary. A place that serves traditional German dishes as a treat for the palate in a relaxed atmosphere. Everything here is home cooked and the restaurant is famous for Bremer Knipp, juicy schnitzel or hearty grill plates.

If you’re looking for a hearty lunch in Bremen, you won’t be able to avoid Achim’s Beckshaus in Bremen’s old town, with delicious, varied dishes and offerings.