a old man with a dense mustache sitting on a chair looking into the camera


The identity of the spiritual father of the Beck house is the subject of many myths and legends. Answers to these questions can hardly be found and if at all then only in unsatisfactory detail. In any case, he has a thick moustache and a sympathetic wealthy face. But actually the question is already wrong. It's not the who that's important, but the what for, in this case: "What does Achim actually stand for? Achim could also be called Horst, Gunnar, Kareem or Brigitte, it doesn't matter. It is about the position and the attitude that he, i.e. the innkeeper of trust, holds or represents. With open arms he welcomes each of his guests with a freshly tapped Beck's and anyone who thinks he has to decide against the export hit from our Hanseatic city he just makes happy with a lovingly tapped Hefeweizen or a fully vegan, gluten-free cocktail. Regardless of the taste of his guests, he is concerned with the pleasant feeling of being at home away from home, experiencing conviviality and the feeling of being welcome in a familiar circle or alone at the bar. Joy in life and community, whether through a freshly cooked favorite meal, the friendly smile of the waitress or a cry of joy from the depths of one's soul over the victory or even a hard-fought draw of our boys from the Weser Stadium. In every dish, every beer and even in every Coke bottle, there is his heart and soul and the desire to be a good host, whether old and beautiful, young and ugly, from the most beautiful city in the world or from somewhere else. No matter how often and why you might stop by;
Achim is there.